are we human or are we dancer ?

do you really live your life according to what you decide ?
are you just puppeteered ? part of dancers generation ?
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23 Signs You're Secretly An Introvert 

Did i make this unconsciously?

New Lessons in New Life

My new reflections in my new life

If I feel or if I find someone feel or tell me that:

I love Islam, everything in it, the peacefulness, etc

But …

…then comes the complaint part, can be the prayer times, can be the hijab, can be the relationship between men and women - honor, respect and the misleading on them, can be the giving the best to parents and wife even when they are giving us uncomfortables, can be anything in that “but”

when there is a “but”, anything about justification in logic can fail. Including our logic.

lets take a step back. a step back to the fundamentals, lets reflect:

thousands years ago, Ibrahim said the same thing like us, I love islam.

then came God message to him, little requests, step-by-step, time to time request, from one to three:

1. Leave your family in the dessert alone.

2. Let yourself fall to the glowing fire.

3. Cut your son’s throat.

Now, imagine yourself as him.

If I were him, maybe my first response

1. Come on, I love Islam but I love my family too, why should I leave them alone? in the desert? What is the logic behind it?

2. What? I will let myself die or in suffer? Can You tell me the benefit in it? I am not comfortable in it …

3. God, please, I love You I love Islam and I love my son! I love everything about it except this one … please.


then, here is the reflection:

when Ibrahim loves Islam, He gives himself up entirely, he surrenders. It is a Go ahead.

His faith is a complete faith, no question on why should he obey a request that he thinks its illogical/uncomfortable.

He just gives it up, he submits - whether he gets it or not - whether he understands the logic behind it or not.

It is the complete faith. A Surrender: He understands the larger purpose.


Now, think again.

If we are having a hard time submitting to Allah, then there is still a problem in we in embracing Islam itself - then we are not in complete faith - then do we deserve help from Him? 

Do we love Islam then?

Are we willing to surrender now? Let us not think of ourselves that High to Him..we are nothing to Him.


Lecture series from Nouman Ali Khan

Tugas seorang suami bukanlah membuat istri jatuh cinta padanya, namun jatuh cinta pada Penciptanya

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